All Together Now

In the days following the Ascension the disciples returned to Jerusalem, as directed by Jesus, to wait. They are told to await the outpouring if the Holy Spirit. It is recorded that their gathering was full of prayerful anticipation.

"All these were constantly devoting themselves to prayer" Acts 1:14

The important thing is that they were praying together.

There is something special about Christians gathering together in prayer and worship. We remember Jesus telling his disciples, "for where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them" (Mat 18:20).

Day by day, when ever and wherever Christians gather, Christ is with them. What an amazing promise!

The upper room, where those early disciples gathered, was a place of unity and expectation and prayer. They wait in prayer for the promised Holy Spirit, the Advocate, who will be given to them.

10 Days of Prayer

During this week of prayer we have another opportunity to gather together to pray, wait and acknowledge the Holy Spirit at work in the world today. Come along to the chapel of the Holy Spirit this week as we join with the whole diocese in prayer.

All together now...let us pray. ‘Come Holy Spirit, Thy Kingdom come!’

Canon Keith Farrow

> 10 Days of Prayer at Sheffield Cathedral