The Cathedral is a centre for Christian worship in the Diocese of Sheffield and home to a vibrant and diverse community of people who share a faith in Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us at one of our many and regular services.

Service List

View our service list for the 15th to the 22nd of September.


08:00    Holy Communion

09:30    Morning Prayer

10:30    Cathedral Eucharist, usually with choral music led by the Cathedral choir

16:00    Evensong (Evening Prayer with Hymns in choir holiday)


08:45    Morning Prayer

12:30    Eucharist

13:00 Guided Meditation

16:30    Evening Prayer


08:45    Morning Prayer

12:30    Eucharist

17:30    Evensong


08:45    Morning Prayer

10:30    Holy Communion 

16:30    Evening Prayer 


08:45    Morning Prayer

12:30    Eucharist

17:30    Evensong


08:45    Morning Prayer

12:30    Eucharist

17:30    Compline


10:00    Morning Prayer

10:30    Eucharist

15:00    Evening Prayer


If you are unfamiliar with Church of England services, here is a description of what you can expect. At different times of year the character of the services will change, for example great celebrations at Easter and Christmas, and more reflective during Lent and Advent.

Sunday Cathedral Eucharist

Eucharist means ‘holy communion’. Here we gather to celebrate our life in God and God’s life in the world, made known to us in Jesus. Much of the service is sung on our behalf by the choir and there are hymns, old and new, for all to sing.

We are lead in prayer and reflection and we share Holy Communion – taking bread and wine (a symbol of Christ’s body and blood) in remembrance of him.

If you have been baptised you are welcome to receive the bread and wine. Otherwise, you may like to receive a blessing, or stay in your seat, as you prefer.

Choral Evensong

Using the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, with its resonant and beautiful words, this service typifies Cathedral choral worship. Here the choir does most of the singing, while the congregation participates through active listening and reflection. 

There are spoken prayers, readings from the scriptures and hymns. The service marks the approach of nightfall and is part of the Office – the pattern of prayer offered each morning and evening, whether or not a congregation is there. 

When the choir is away, and on Mondays and Saturdays, Choral Evensong is replaced by Evening Prayer.

Morning Prayer

Using readings from the Bible, especially the Psalms, here we start the day as we mean to go on, relating our lives to God and holding the needs of others in our prayers. Often we are only a handful of people, but there is a strong sense that the worship is being offered on behalf of many more.

Evening Prayer

This is the companion service to Morning Prayer. Using a similar pattern of readings from the Bible, it offers a place of reflection and prayer as the day moves towards evening.

Weekday Eucharist

This is celebrated each weekday, except Wednesday and lasts less than half an hour. It follows a similar pattern to the Sunday Eucharist but without music or a sermon. However, the heart of the service remains our meeting with Jesus Christ in the sacrament of bread and wine.

Holy Communion

This is a Eucharist using the words of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. There is an unsurpassed beauty to much of the language which makes the worship both strange and familiar.