Rotherham's Heart of Steel

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Saturday saw the unveiling of The Heart of Steel outside Rotherham Minster.

The heart is a full sized replica of The Heart of Steel, by the Sheffield sculptor Steve Mehdi, that will eventually form part of the Yorkshire Man of Steel, a landmark sculpture for South Yorkshire.

The Heart of Steel aims to raise funds for the Man of Steel through offering up to 150,000 people the opportunity to have their name - or name of a loved one - included on the heart in exchange for a donation.

Run in collaboration with The British Heart Foundation in recognition of the high levels of heart disease in the Rotherham area, 10% of each donation received will go to support their life saving work.

"God looks on the heart"

In response to the unveiling, Bishop Steven Croft has been reflecting on what the heart symbolises in our faith journey.

The heart is a symbol for self-examination: for having the courage to look inside ourselves and to see what is really there. The heart in the centre of Rotherham is made of stainless steel . When you look closely, it will be like looking in a mirror. Ask yourself what is going on inside.

Take a look at the full blog post as part of your daily reflections and consider what "the heart" means to you.

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