Bishop Pete's Prayer Pilgrimage

In the five days that run up to his installation service, Bishop Pete will be undertaking a walking prayer pilgrimage across the Diocese of Sheffield.

The pilgrimage will start out in the Snaith and Hatfield Deanery and finish at Sheffield Cathedral. Bishop Pete would love for people to get involved in the pilgrimage. 

Day 1: Monday 18 September = Rawcliffe to Hatfield - 12.1 miles
Day 2: Tuesday 19 September = Hatfield to St James Doncaster via Doncaster Minster - 9 miles
Day 3: Wednesday 20 September = St James Doncaster to Coinsbrough - 8.5 miles
Day 4: Thursday 21 September = Conisbrough to Rotherham Minster - 10 miles
Day 5: Friday 22 September = Rotherham Minster to Sheffield Cathedral - 9.2 miles

People are encouraged to walk with Bishop Pete as he makes his journey across the diocese. Bishop Pete has a strict schedule to keep to so the walking pace will be quite brisk, if people feel unable to walk with him then you are encouraged to attend the prayer points. Part of the experience will be for him to find out about the diocese from those who live in its different areas but, he commented, that he'll be as much interested in the people with him as in what building X might have been. 

Praying along the way - yes! Bishop Pete will stop every hour to pray for a few minutes for the place where he is and invite others with him to join in the Lord's Prayer. Please remember Bishop Pete in your prayers in the coming days as he walks the prayer pilgrimage and prepares for his installation and enthronement here in the Cathedral.

Bishop Pete will finish his Prayer Pilgrimage at Evensong on Friday 22 September. We hope you will join us.

The online details of the pilgrimage can be found on the Diocesan website.