BBC Civilisations Festival at Sheffield Cathedral

BBC Civilisations A4 Poster -001.jpg

The BBC Civilisations Festival marks the updated return of the classic 1969 television series 'Civilisation' to our screens. 

With its original European focus broadened to include art and cultural artefacts from around the globe this new series, 'Civilisations', which began this week on BBC 2, explores the intriguing and complex relationship between artistic and cultural products and human history. 

As part of this relaunch, museums, galleries, libraries and archives across the UK have been invited to share objects from their collections that contribute to the larger questions about human identity, community, and cultural values which the landmark series examines.

As as Festival partner, Sheffield Cathedral has chosen to display objects from its collection of silverware and metalwork. These treasures together tell stories of our region's impressive industrial heritage, its craftsmanship and creativity, its enduring Christian faith, and of those people and communities who have contributed to its rich cultural legacy. 

'Civilisations' began on BBC 2 on Thursday, 1 March. It runs for nine episodes, which are presented by renowned historians, authors and broadcasters Mary Beard, Dvid Olusoga and Simon Sharma.

Civilisations Festival events are running at a range of locations between 2 and 11 March 2018. To learn more about exhibitions and events in our area and beyond - and to see some of the objects of interest on display - you can visit the Museum Crush Civilisations Festival website.