Crossroads Commissioned

Today Crossroads Mission was commissioned at Sheffield Cathedral.

Led by the Archbishop of York, Crossroads sees a team of 19 Bishops and their teams from across the north of England joining us to spend four days in the Diocese of Sheffield. During the commissioning, the Bishops received crosses and released a colourful display of balloons into the sky outside the Cathedral.

Over 200 special events are taking place across the Diocese during Crossroads Mission (not including all the Sunday services at which the Bishops will speaking and leading). More than 100 parishes are directly involved and the mission is being held in prayer across the whole Diocese and by our friends all over the world.    

Get Involved

You can find a full list of publicly accessible events taking place across the Diocese via the link below. Bishop Peter and Bishop Steven will be out and about at various mission events and will look forward to seeing you.  

> view Crossroads Mission event listings

Support Us In Prayer

The aim of the mission is to share the Christian faith with love and imagination in many different places. Jesus compared sharing the good news of God’s love with sowing seed. That’s exactly what we will be doing.  Please support the mission through praying that God will bless this time in special ways.

A Prayer For The Mission

Loving God, This world you love stands at the crossroads.
Help us help others to discover your Way
to know your Truth  
and to share your Life in your dear Son, Jesus Christ.
Inspire us by your Spirit to sow the good seed of the  gospel
throughout this Diocese with imagination and  compassion,
that many will come to know you and many will be  strengthened in their faith,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord