Going Public Installed In The City

Sheffield Cathedral will soon be one of several cultural institutions in the city housing the contemporary art project Going Public: International Art Collectors in Sheffield. The project is a collaboration between Museums Sheffield, Site Gallery, SIA Gallery and Sheffield Cathedral.

Accessible To All

Going Public seeks to make contemporary art, currently housed in private collections, available to the public. Philanthropy in the arts has been greatly encouraged by the government as public funding for the arts has declined, but arts philanthropy is not a new concept in Sheffield.

“Sheffield is a city with a massive heritage in this area – but where is that culture of philanthropy now?” asks Kirstie Hamilton, Museums Sheffield`s head of exhibitions. Weston Park Museum, formerly the Mappin Gallery, and Graves Gallery are both examples of Sheffield museums backed by private collectors. Hamilton also explains that collectors are more likely to bequeath art to institutions like Tate in London, because they know that “putting work in that collection gives it a kudos. So there's the definite matter of how you work outside London, particularly in the north, and how you attract these private collectors and philanthropists.”

Going Public poses a series of questions about the role of philanthropy in the arts, and Hamilton wants to start a “debate around how we strengthen that relationship between private collectors and the public.” The project has the potential to prick the London bubble and to act as inspiration for cultural institutions elsewhere.

Installation at Sheffield Cathedral

Sheffield Cathedral is in the process of installing the art works to be exhibited and housed at the Cathedral. You will find artists such as brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman and their “Cyber Iconic Man”, a sculpture that will hang in the Cathedral`s Chapel of the Holy Spirit. In the lower level of the Crypt you can hear Micol Assael`s sound installation “Your Hidden Sound”, and in the south aisle you can enjoy a tapestry named “Still, Untitled” by Pae White. Other works include “Saint Sebastian”, a video installation by Fiona Tan and “Christmas `95”, a light installation by Maurizio Cattelan.

Free Entry

Going Public opens on 16th September and will run until 12th December. Entrance is free at all venues as Going Public aims to make contemporary art truly accessible.

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