Volunteering In The Cathedral Shop

Situated in the entrance to the Cathedral, the shop is the first port of call for many visitors. Run by a wonderful team of volunteers, take a look at Jean's story.

Jean's Story

"When I was in Sheffield one day I popped into the Cathedral for the lunch-time Communion Service. On my way out I went into the Shop and got carried away buying several presents from the gifts on sale, and picked up a leaflet about becoming a Cathedral volunteer.  I'd never done any shop work in my life - having retired at the beginning of 2014 after working in FE and Admin in the past - but was drawn to the challenge . So I applied and got started!

To begin with I was terrified of the electronic till, having never touched one, ever. I'd used a computer many years but this was the biz.  The team were incredibly supportive and nobody minded how many times I ask the same question or forgot what to press. It was hands-on from the start and I was encouraged along and was grateful for that.

My retail career had begun and was stimulating and a lovely new experience.  I made notes along the way,  especially when we cashed up and locked up. I refer to them now and again, especially for the code to the place where the kettle is,  that's how I work, having been a secretary in the dim and distant past.

I've have met some lovely young people who are very patient and kind and terrific to be with. The other volunteers are very friendly and the Cathedral staff are also very approachable and helpful. I thoroughly enjoy my time there and the atmosphere is so special." 

Cathedral Volunteers

If you would like to become a volunteer at Sheffield Cathedral we would love to hear from you.

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