The Art of Welcoming

Another in our series of volunteer stories showcasing just how wonderful they are.

Chris's Story

"What I value about being a welcomer volunteer at the Cathedral is the experience of meeting the very varied group of people who visit each day: some for mundane reasons (sheltering from the rain), others for spiritual reasons, and a good number of visitors to the city. From the visitors you might hear:

  • “I’m in Sheffield for a conference, and thought I’d look around...”
  • “My daughter is being interviewed at the University and I’ve brought her to the city..”
  • “You know, I’ve lived in the city for  over 50 years and never been in…”

Time Is A Gift

Some interactions as a welcomer can also be quite moving.

For example, on a quiet morning not so long ago, I talked with a older gentleman who had come in. The range of our conversation was fairly predictable, starting with the recent spell of weather. I suppose we talked for some ten minutes before he said that he supposed he should be ‘getting on’. He thanked me for the chat, and nearly floored me with the parting remark that I had been the first person he had talked with for a fortnight!

I had been the first person he had talked with for a fortnight!

As welcomers, we might not offer any particular expertise in faith matters but would always hope to offer a friendly, non-proselytizing face, with time to talk and a first-line explanation for all enquiries."

Cathedral Volunteers

If you would like to become a volunteer at Sheffield Cathedral we would love to hear from you.

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