Part of the 1930s extension and planned to be the new Lady Chapel of the reoriented Cathedral, the Chapel of the Holy Spirit is dominated by the great Te Deum stained glass window by Christopher Webb.

At the top of the Te Deum window is a dove whilst at its centre is Christ in Glory surrounded by prophets, martyrs and the faithful through the ages. The rich colours and beautiful detailed figures are characteristic of Webb and this majestic window is a beautiful and awesome representation of God's work on earth.

A Dove can also be seen above the entrance door to the Chapel and around the entrance are angels.  The vaulted ceiling is carved with roses, vines, lilies and sunflower motifs. The design of the Chapel was inspired by the 700 year old Lady Chapel at Llandaff Cathedral, Wales.

The wooden stalls and the canopies over them were designed by Sir Ninian Comper.

Below the window is the altar and behind it is a Reredos - screen - which was given to the Cathedral by the Freemasons of Sheffield after the First World War in memory of those who gave their lives.