There's a Psalm for that!


Join our Thursday Bible Studies!

The new Bible Study will look at how the ancient psalms still speak to us today, led by the Revd Capt Ian Maher CA.

A resource for life

For several thousand years the psalms have provided a rich resource of prayer and worship for the people of God. Jesus would have learnt them at his mother’s kneeand, during the course of his earthly ministry, he drew from them on numerous occasions.

The psalms have been the bedrock of daily for prayer for Christians since the earliest days of the Church. This is not surprising as they contain practically every human feeling and emotion. They are an honest record of the relationship between humankind and God. That is what makes them relevant for people in every age and why for almost any human situation it is possible to say ‘There’s a psalm for that!’

Over the course of four sessions we will think together about what the psalms are, where they came from, how they have been used by the people of God across the centuries, and how they continue to speak to us today.

Each session will be self-contained but participants will benefit most from attending the whole course. Places are free but space is limited.

If you are interested in attending please contact the Revd Ian Maher at – or look out for him after the 10.30am service on Sunday.