Join the prayer community!

The Diocese of Sheffield launched a revised Diocesan Strategy in 2018 - here’s one way for you to join.

When Bishop Pete was installed as our new Bishop in 2017, he undertook a review of the Diocesan strategy; looking into what had worked, what hadn’t and what the current issues were. While the strategy has been revised, the Diocesan vision remains the same:

The Diocese of Sheffield is called to grow a sustainable network of Christ-like, lively and diverse Christian communities in every place which are effective in making disciples and in seeking to transform our society and God’s world.

Renewed: Prayer Community of 2025

The revised strategy sets out a map for how we might realise our Diocesan vision by 2025 - you can read more about the strategy here.

As part of the strategy, the diocese are recruiting and resourcing a prayer community of 2025 members who will:

  1. say the Lord’s Prayer daily;

  2. read at least one verse of the Bible every day;

  3. say the Diocesan Vision Prayer daily; and

  4. pause daily before God at 20.25 (or at any hour between 20 & 25 past) to seek the renewing power of God’s Spirit for the Diocese, praying for 2.5% of the population of the diocese to be part of our worshipping community, and that other Christian denominations will also grow in size.

Would you like to join?

If you’d like to support the Diocesan strategy through prayer, Bishop Pete has recorded a great video explaining how you can join the prayer community.

Watch the video and sign up here if you’d like to join.

Bishop Pete shows how easy it is to sign up and commit to the 2025 Prayer Community in the Diocese of Sheffield