A Man Greatly Beloved: the First Bishop of Sheffield


Freida had a surprise encounter when she visited our new Cathedral exhibition 'Holy Oils: Portraits and Personalities of the Bishops of Sheffield'. 

Frieda was surprised to come face to face again with the Bishop Burrows, the first Bishop of Sheffield, at the Holy Oils exhibition in Sheffield Cathedral. Frieda was Confirmed by Bishop Burrows at his final Confirmation service before he retired. Freida remembers the Bishop as a man who was much loved by Sheffield people. She recalled that the Bishop would spend time walking around the City meeting people. He was much loved and to witness to this are words carved on his memorial in the Burrow’s Transept. ‘A man greatly beloved’. Frieda remembers him coming to consecrate St Cecilia’s Church, Parson Cross where she and her parents attended.

Frieda was moved when she read the story of Righton Burrows, the Bishop’s youngest son being killed in WW1. Like many families in the City and nation at that time, the Burrows family were touched by sadness and grief.