Expect the Unexpected

Wimbledon fortnight is, at least for sport fans, a time of intense emotion and unexpected outcomes.

Who will make it through each round of the draw? How will the seeds fare? And will any of the British players get to the second week, or even the final? The whole thing is done with a spirit of cheerfulness and good sporting behaviour, exhibited most greatly in the cheers for both players in a match and in the remarkable resilience in the crowd when the weather turns bad.

One thing is clear at Wimbledon – it is definitely worth always expecting the unexpected.

Gerard Hughes wrote a book some years ago now entitled “God of surprises” in which he explored the way God doesn’t always do what we expect or even desire, but invites us to engage with the unexpected and to be prepared to run risks for the sake of the Gospel.

The invitation to each of us to be bold and imaginative and to be open to how God may be calling us is present for us each day. We are continually invited to look for the unexpected and to work as creatively as we can to make the Gospel known and shared in our current age.

So whether you had strawberries and cream lined up for the Wimbledon finals over the weekend or not, remember that we are always invited to be ready for the unexpected and to respond with open and faithful hearts.

Canon Christopher Burke
Vice Dean and Canon Precentor