A Week Of Prayer For Unity, Healing And Reconciliation

Bishop Peter Burrows has called for a week of prayer for unity, healing and reconciliation within the Diocese of Sheffield.

This will take place in the week leading up to the Chrism Eucharist on 10 April.

In a letter to clergy and readers in the diocese, Bishop Peter invited everyone to take part in the period of prayer "following recent events in the diocese which have impacted on us collectively."

Bishop Peter has also urged clergy and readers to attend the Chrism Eucharist on 10 April at Sheffield Cathedral, adding:

"I am aware that it is not everyone’s pattern during Holy Week to attend the Chrism Eucharist. However, I would deeply appreciate it, even if it is not your practice, if you could attend as a demonstration of our willingness, lay and ordained, women and men, across traditions, to journey with God together whatever our differences, to be at one in the Gospel, reconciled to each other, rebuilding relationships, confidence and passion for God’s mission and our vision for growth and transformation of communities."

The Prayer Sheet can be downloaded via the link below. It includes short readings for each day between 3-10 April.  These will also be shared daily on the diocesan Facebook page.

> download the prayer sheet