God With Us

Recently I was given the challenge to prepare a Christmas sermon that would last less than three minutes.

Brevity in preaching is not a strong characteristic of mine.

One of the skills in using a certain type of social media is to communicate your message with as few words as possible. We are advised to be concise and to the point and to use 100 characters or less. A challenge indeed!

Turning to the events in the Gospels leading up to the happenings in Bethlehem, we read of Joseph’s experience. Through a dream an angel speaks to him to allay his doubts and fears. The angel tells him not to be afraid, for the child conceived in Mary is from the Holy Spirit. She will bear a son and he is to call him Emmanuel, which means, God with us.

God with us!

This is the message of Christmas that has the power to transform and bring hope. As we contemplate events in our lives as individuals and communities, the nation and the world, may we receive God’s short but powerful message given in His son.


May this promise bring you hope, peace and joy now and always.

Canon Keith Farrow
Canon Missioner