To Be A Pilgrim

We have been shocked to hear the accounts of what has happened to those from many parts of the world who took part in the Hajj pilgrimage. It has been harrowing to hear how people of prayer have died whilst seeking to journey in faith and understanding. Whilst not part of the Christian community, we identify with the pain and sadness felt by our Muslim brothers and sisters and hold them all in our prayers.

Journeying In Faith

Pilgrimage is also part of our own tradition. For generations Christians have travelled as pilgrims to a variety of places, and many with a degree of struggle and difficulty, in the hope of learning something more of their hope and faith in God.

Whether by travelling to new continents and countries, or journeying to holy sites, pilgrimages have been journeys of both transformation and renewal.  

As we reflect with sadness on the experience of those pilgrims, let us also reflect on the place of pilgrimage in our own tradition. Let us be reminded of the rich opportunity we share to help others to see something of God’s wonder and delight.

Let us pray for all pilgrims and ask that God shows his love and light to all those who seek him. 

Canon Christopher Burke  
Vice Dean and Canon Precentor