A Goodly Heritage

Stage set for Roughshod: Irresistible

Stage set for Roughshod: Irresistible

It was a joy to work with the Roughshod Theatre Company in and around the Cathedral during their week with us, and to witness the vibrant and engaging way they communicated the message of the gospel.  

Their Roughshod: Irresistible  performance was a particular highlight with stories explaining the work and support given to Christians and other faith communities around the world who do not enjoy religious freedom.   

During the week the Roughshod team also performed some street theatre on the Cathedral square and were received enthusiastically by onlookers. It would be easy to take for granted the freedom and liberty we are afforded to engage the community in this way.  

At Morning Prayer recently we said Psalm 16 and verse 5 says:

My share has fallen in a fair land; Indeed I have a goodly heritage.

Let us thank God for the goodly heritage of liberty we enjoy in this nation and pray and work towards this being the experience for everyone.   

Yours in Christ   

Canon Keith Farrow
Canon Missioner