The Cathedral Choir

Choral music is a hallmark of many Cathedral services and that is certainly true for us in Sheffield.

The Cathedral choir is made up of around 40 boys, girls and men who provide plentiful music for the Cathedral's liturgy and worship. If you have not experienced this sound before, you are most welcome to join us at one of our regular services in September when the choir return following the summer break.

The life of our choristers is also rich and varied, as they perform in other venues, broadcast on radio and TV and tour in the UK and abroad. Most recently the choir also performed for Her Majesty The Queen at the Royal Maundy Service on 2nd April.

There is no special school for the choristers - they attend various schools all over Sheffield - but during their time in the choir, choristers receive free individual singing lessons and music theory lessons.

Boys usually join the choir when they are around 7 years old, with girls joining when they are around 10. 

If you would like to find out more about the choir or current vacancies take a look here.