A Letter From Pope Francis

Image Credit: Philip Chidell / Shutterstock.com

Image Credit: Philip Chidell / Shutterstock.com

Last week Pope Francis published a Papal Encyclical Letter - a letter typically written to address an audience of Bishops.  However, this letter was addressed to all humanity.

The letter is profound and searching, as Pope Francis urges us to come together and take action to stem the tide of environmental deterioration. This is a heartfelt plea to protect our common home, and one that deserves attention and contemplation.

Each of us needs to take seriously this aspect of our discipleship: our ecological conversion. Care for the environment is one of the major issues of our age.
— Bishop Steven Croft

In his Diocesan blog, Bishop of Sheffield, Steve Croft takes an indepth look at the letter from Pope Francis and encourages us all to do the same.

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