Maundy Lecture

Sheffield Cathedral is preparing to welcome the recipients of the Maundy money and their companions to the Royal Maundy service on 2 April

Today the Cathedral held a special event called the Maundy Lecture for the recipients, a very exciting and important precursor to the Royal Maundy service. 

The Right Reverend Dr John Inge, Bishop of Worcester, who holds the ancient office of Lord High Almoner, addressed the gathering, speaking about the history and heritage of the Royal Maundy service and what will happen in Sheffield Cathedral on 2 April.

The Lord High Almoner is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen and his duty is to be in attendance upon or represent the Sovereign at the Royal Maundy service. The names of the Lord High Almoners can be traced back to the early twelfth century.

We look forward to honouring each recipient on 2 April.