Sara's Story

Sara's Story

“I had always felt God was with me and was unsure how to respond. Then I was approached by the Canon Missioner at Sheffield Cathedral regarding confirmation and a light went on!

Over the next 6 weeks I was guided through a journey of confirmation sessions which intensified my spiritual feelings and guided me towards leading a life committed to following Jesus.

Everything discussed at the sessions was an almost perfect affirmation of what I had felt inside for 20 years. I felt found and didn't feel alone anymore. Six weeks later I was confirmed by Bishop Stephen in a moving service at Sheffield Cathedral where I was overcome with emotion after taking my first Holy Communion. I had my son baptised at the same service which made it a most memorable date.

I am thankful for that guidance and support at a time when I felt unsure and confused. And from the moment of my confirmation, I have felt new, revived, forgiven and most of all I have felt God and Jesus are really with me as part of me, not just something I appreciated."

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