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Lunchtime Recital: Nick Robinson and Herve Perez

Nick Robinson.png

We invite musicians from near and far to share their musical talent with us every Friday during term time. All are welcome! 

This Friday we look forward to welcoming Nick Robinson on guitar and Herve Perez on shakuhachi to the Cathedral. Herve Perez and Nick Robinson have been regular performers in the Sheffield improv scene for many years and have crossed musical paths in several random ensembles. For the last two years, they have been working together under the name of "String Theology". The instrumentation consists of Nick on looped guitar, plus Herve on Shakuhachi and laptop. Their music is improvised and is a reflective mixture of electronica and organic sounds.

At today's recital, Nick Robinson and Herve Perez present a programme of improvised material, using looped guitar and shakuhachi.  

Lunchtime recital admission is free, with a suggested donation of £3.