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Seven Events That Shaped The New Testament - Talks Series

A series of seven short talks to help us to understand the New Testament better.

Sunday 16 July
The Death of Alexander the Great, 323 BC (or, who is the real hero, Alexander or Jesus).

Sunday 23 July
Translating the Old Testament into Greek, 250 BC (or, which languages did Jesus speak, and why).

Sunday 30 July
The Rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem, 164 BC (or, who was Judas Maccabeus, and why did Handel write an opera about him).

Sunday 6 August
The Roman Invasion of Judea, 63 BC (or, why was Pontius Pilate Governor).

Sunday 13 August
The Crucifixion, c 30 AD (or, what reasons do writers in the New Testament give for the death of Jesus).

Sunday 20 August
Writing Down the New Testament, c 50 - c 130 AD (or who wrote what, when, and why).

Sunday 10 September
How we chose the books of the New Testament, 397 AD (or how we decided what is holy, and what isn't).

When & Where

The talks will take place after the 10:30am Cathedral Eucharist (approx. 12 noon) in the Parker Transept. Each talk will last no longer than 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for discussion. 

While the themes build as we work through the summer, each talk stands by itself. Come to one which interests you, or come to them all!

You don't need to know anything about the ancient world to enjoy the talks. The talks all draw on some of the latest research into the New Testament. 

The Dean