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Volunteers' Week 2017

Volunteering at Sheffield Cathedral affords you with many opportunities and skills, and is an experience you can gain from nowhere else. 

If you asked 'what is the role of a welcomer volunteer', the simple answer would be 'welcoming people into the cathedral', but it is much more than that. Within the two hours you stand at the entrance to the cathedral, you meet a variety of people - all from different backgrounds, ages and walks of life and just by smiling, asking how their day is going or giving them directions, you make a difference to their day. This is really what volunteering at Sheffield Cathedral is about: making a difference to someone's day, even if only by opening a door for someone and saying 'hello'. 

You eventually come to realise who the 'regulars' are and who have never entered a cathedral before, and both groups will impact your volunteering experience. For example, you build up a rapport with the regulars, whether that is just the usual joke about the weather or a more detailed chat about what they've done in the past week. In contrast, you welcome the individuals who are visitors to the cathedral and want to learn a little more about it and its history. This variety enriches your experience and makes each and every week more and more interesting. 

Sheffield Cathedral's network of staff and volunteers also ensures that when you start as a volunteer, you are met by welcoming, friendly people, who are willing to help and support you. This really impacts your experience as a volunteer as you feel part of a sort of family and feel appreciated for the work you are doing. This is a vital aspect of volunteering. 

The volunteers you work alongside come from a variety of backgrounds. The opportunity to meet new people is another reason why volunteering at Sheffield Cathedral is so wonderful. As a younger volunteer, being able to make conversation with an older volunteer, who in different circumstances would walk straight past you, truly shows the essence of Sheffield Cathedral - a place for all people. 

These are just a few of the many wonderful reasons why volunteering at Sheffield Cathedral is so rewarding and is an experience I would recommend to anyone. 

Amy Warrington
Sheffield Cathedral Volunteer

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