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Lunchtime Recitals: Nina Vinogradova

Russian-born Nina has enjoyed a long career as an international concert pianist, touring to many parts of the world and playing at many prestigious venues. She is also an experienced cruise guest artist.

In the UK she has given concerts in most of the major towns and cities, and several festivals, receiving regular impressive reviews. One critic wrote that “she is a pianist whose every note and phrase is refined in the best tradition of the old Russian school.

She was taught by her mother, a pupil of Glazunov and a professor of piano at the St Petersburg Conservatoire.

More About Nina

Nina’s parents, both Russian and both concert pianists, left Russia and lived in Berlin and Paris before coming to England, where she won the London International Piano competition. She has toured the USA, appearing in Washington, Boston, St Louis, Atlanta and Minneapolis. She has also played in Canada, Bulgaria, Eire, Sri Lanka and Istanbul, and in Berlin, Malta and Italy.

Multi-lingual, Nina speaks Russian, French and German fluently. Now living in Suffolk, she is a regular worshipper at her local church, where she has been instrumental in bringing other international concert pianists to give recitals.