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Lunchtime Recital: Samuel Moore (Flamenco Guitar)

A Solo Flamenco Guitar Recital


Although one of the oldest and most loved art forms in the world, flamenco is often wrongly assume a distant cousin of Spanish classical music. However, nothing could in fact be further from the truth. Whereas classical music, like most Weston music traditions, is founded on pre-composed repertoire, flamenco is by contrast a spontaneous art form based on rhythm. For example, when a flamenco performer says they are going to perform a bulerías, they aren’t referring to a composed work entitled bulerías but rather the name of the rhythmic form they will be using to improvise. It is this emphasis on spontaneity and rhythm that makes flamenco such a dynamic and exciting art form to see performed live.

In this recital, the nationally acclaimed concert recitalist, Samuel Moore will perform an extensive program of solo flamenco guitar works showcasing the many divers rhythmic forms that shape the flamenco tradition. From fiery dances such as bulerías to more introspective laments such as solea, this recital will take you on a unique and informative musical journey right to the heart of Andalucía.

The Programme

  • Tarantas
  • Farruca
  • Solea
  • Alegrias
  • Bulerias
  • Rumba

Samuel Moore

Samuel Moore is a nationally respected concert recitalist, music tutor, composer and award nominated author, well practiced in a vast range of traditional and contemporary idioms. Samuel has worked and performed both nationally and internationally in some of the top music venues in the world and his recently published tutorial book, The Flamenco Guitar, was nominated for the UK award Best Printed Resource in the 2014 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence.

In addition to his performance commitments, teaching jobs and published works, Samuel has worked on creative projects involving some of the most eminent musicians of the 20th  and 21st centuries, including Juan Martín (flamenco guitarist) and Kenny Burrell (jazz guitarist).

Samuel’s job titles currently include: Course Leader for Flamenco Guitar Studies at Instituto Cervantes (The Spanish government’s international ambassador for Spanish language and culture), Director of Music at Arts@Trinity, and founder and coordinator of The Young Musicians’ Bursary Fund, a charity fund founded by Samuel in 2014.

For more information about Samuel, please visit the official Samuel Moore website: