14th April 2019: Palm Sunday


As we enter Holy Week, listen to this week’s Cathedral podcast from the Dean and be reminded that you will never be abandoned without God.

God, and God in Christ, is with us in our darkness and our despair - wherever we are, however much we feel overwhelmed by injustice or sin, God is there with us and bears the pain of it with us.

Gospel reading: Luke 22:14-23

31st March 2019: Mothering Sunday


‘If Mothering Sunday is about nothing more than the sugary sentimentality of verses on flower strewn cards, it’s a far cry from reality for many people…and the Church has done the world a disservice.’

On Mothering Sunday, Revd Amanda Baraclough reminds us that the heart of God reaches out towards all who carry the cost of parenting.

Reading: Exodus 2:1 – 10  

10th March 2019: The Wilderness


Have you been in the wilderness?

Jesus spent 40 days in the desert - in the the wilderness. This Lent, Canon Keith Farrow invites you to experience the wilderness as a place you can go for nourishment, hope and help. He invites you to remember that God has given you a foundation to stand on in the wilderness.

You are God’s beloved - God is well pleased with you.

Gospel reading: Luke 4:1-13