Sheffield Cathedral, a place for all people
Artists impression of the front of the Cathedral for the Gateway Project

The Gateway Project

 Latest update:

During August, the Gateway Project will be progressing apace. This means that for about three weeks from 19 August the remaining part of the Cathedral will be effectively closed on weekdays, as the new lighting installation is put into St George's Chapel and the Burrows Transept. During this period, all the weekday services will take place in the Chapter House. Unfortunately, during this period there will be no access for people who cannot manage steps. We hope that there will still be public access to the small lobby at the entrance to Old St George's Chapel, so that you can see what is happening. We expect the work to be finished before the Choir return from holiday at the beginning of September. Sunday worship will still be taking place in St George's Chapel. We apologise for any inconvience this may cause and thank you for your co operation during this time.

Imagine a bright, welcoming building, in which school children are busy on projects, a stage is being set up for a concert, quiet prayer is happening in a chapel where candles burn, and people are arriving for a service of Holy Communion.

On 18 February 2013 Sheffield Cathedral embarked on the building phase of a project that will enable this vision to become a reality. By early summer 2014, God willing, the Cathedral will have been transformed into a prayerful, visionary, and flexible space, serving our region and diocese in imaginative ways and fully accessible to all.

The Gateway Project is the name the Cathedral Chapter has given to the project. The name comes from a story in the book of Genesis in the Bible. In the story Jacob dreams about a ladder between heaven and earth, and receives a promise of God's commitment to him and his descendants. When he wakes up, he exclaims, 'This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.' We want Sheffield Cathedral to be a place where worshippers and visitors get a glimpse of heaven.

The Gateway Project, when completed, will renew the interior of the Cathedral. It has two main elements: 

  • The Centenary Project:  new heating, flooring and seating in the main body of the Cathedral (the nave) and levelling of the floor to make the building more accessible to wheelchair users.
  • The Place for All People Project: a new accessible and welcoming main entrance, with gathering and display spaces; new lighting; new signage and interpretation resources; training for staff and volunteers; learning activities for children and adults. 

Our Cathedral Architect, Clive England, working with a highly qualified team of advisers and consultants, has drawn up plans for all this and our contractors, William Anelay Ltd of York, have now begun work to make the plans a reality. When the work is completed, we are confident that Sheffield Cathedral will be better equipped to play its role in the life of Sheffield as a place for all people. 

We have secured major grants from the Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund for the Gateway Project, but we are still interested in exploring other ideas for funding. If you would like to help, or would like more information, please contact the Dean.